Hyundai DHY28KSEm Standby Diesel Generator 1500rpm


The DHY28KSEm is a powerful single phase standby diesel generator which is designed to provide reliable power to your home or business when the National Grid lets you down. Powered by 1500rpm 27hp DG4100 diesel engine, which gives the machine a longer lifespan due to the lower revs, the DHY28KSEm can produce up to 22kW.

All standard Hyundai 1500rpm diesel generators above 15kw are designed to be used as stationary generators for standby or prime power supply.DHY28KSEm Diesel Generator, single phase, 230v/115v, 1500rpm Silent Generator

The Hyundai DHY28KSEm is a 1500rpm Water-cooled diesel generator, with fully enclosed acoustic bodywork.

Features slow running Hyundai engine, Brushless AVR alternator for smooth power output, digital control panel, offering accurate overload and engine protection, base fuel tank, all fully enclosed in a weatherproof acoustic enclosure.

This diesel generator would be suitable for powering a large home or office, or a number of site cabins on a construction site. Running at 1500rpm it is a very low stressed generator and has a very long lifespan.

For the ultimate user convenience the DHY28KSEm can be paired with an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) system which will automatically turn on the generator when a loss of power to the property is detected. When power returns from the mains, the ATS module will then safely turn your generator off. This is ideal for those who need to guarantee constant power, for example if you run servers or have refrigeration units.

The Hyundai brushless, maintenance free AVR provides a smooth voltage output, suitable for powering sensitive electrical equipment.

The large muffler ensures noise levels are kept to a minimum

Base mounted fuel tank with low fuel level warning and cut out, with external fuel filler

Air preheating system for easy start up (we recommend water heater for cold weather).

Forklift holes in base plate for easy movement on site.

Weather proof canopy with twin hooks on top cover

Digital control panel.

Emergency stop button.

Manufacturer: Hyundai

Product Code: DHY28KSEm

Continuous KVA: 25.00 KVA

Maximum KVA: 27.50 KVA

Continuous KW: 25.00 KW

Maximum KW: 27.50 KW

Sockets: 230v

Fuel Type: Diesel

Run Time: 10.00 hours

Noise Level: 65 dba @ 7m

Weight: 970.00kg

Width: 950mm

Height: 1240mm

Length: 2200mm

Fuel Capacity: 93.00L

Starting Method: Electric

Frequency: 50Hz

AVR: Yes

ATS: Yes

£7,625.00 £8,755.50