Pramac S12000 Electric Start Pramac Petrol Generator Long Run 3-Phase


The Pramac S12000 Electric Start Long Run 3-PHASE Generator 415v is fitted with the Honda GX620 4 stroke petrol engine. This Electric Start Three phase Generator is ideal for Industrial, standby and domestic use, open framed with long run tank.

The The Pramac S12000 Electric Start Long Run 3-PHASE Generator 415v is to use in residential areas or outside normal working hours. Low noise levels, built in plug for AMF or remote control, mean this generator is equipped and ideal for use as a domestic back up power supply.

Auto voltage regulation (A.V.R) fitted to this generator. The AVR smoothes out the output power by removing any spike or surges. This guarantees the quality of power coming out the generator.

This allows you to run sensitive electronic equipment off this generator without any risk of damage.

This generator is fitted with the pramac '+ CONN' socket. This means the generator is pre-wired to accept a pramac automatic mains failure (A.M.F) panel. When used in conjunction with the optional AMF panel, the generator will automatically start in the event of a power-cut and switch mains supply to the generator.

Manufacturer: Pramac

Product Code: PD123THBZ0H

Continuous KVA: 11.80 KVA

Maximum KVA: 13.90 KVA

Continuous KW: 9.50 KW

Maximum KW: 11.10 KW

Sockets: 1 x 400V 16A, 2 X 230V 16A, 1 x 230V SCHUKO

Fuel Type: Petrol

Run Time: 5.70 hours

Noise Level: 68 dba at 7m

Weight: 165.00kg

Width: 641mm

Height: 667mm

Length: 960mm

Fuel Capacity: 24.00L

Starting Method: Electric / Recoil

Frequency: 50Hz

AVR: Yes


£2,100.00 £2,820.00